Brochures & Flyers

Just like the business cards, we use only the best papers for the highest quality prints.
I buy so much paper, I always get a best price on paper that others can’t.
People are often concerned with our pricing.
They assume I’ll use cheap paper and cheap machines to get the price that low. The answer is actually the opposite, I use only the newest and best equipment/material available. As all other copy and print shops quote the same or more, we use only thick expensive stock, not cheap “office paper”. I don’t even buy it. I stock all the best papers available, even fine letterhead stock.

Does you job have ink that runs right to the edge? No problem at all.
2 sides? We do them at the same time, just call for the best price.
Need them folded, scored, drilled or perforated? Easy, we have all the equipment right in house, no waiting like the other guys to get the job back from “their bindery house”.

Our new machines print cleaner, faster and better then others, come by a free sample to compare. I have yet to see better prints.
Believe it or not, I have other local print shops coming here for their customers printing. Why, because they want it done fast and right.

Just email a PDF, and I’ll make a free sample, on any paper, gloss finish, matte finish, or heavy uncoated paper.

Not only was I impressed by the quality of their printers and how well my print jobs turned out, the service I received from both Keith and Ken were just awesome. They are quick, accommodating and willing to work with you to make sure you are getting the print you are satisfied with. They helped me plan the right size for my documents, the right paper for my print, suggested to darken some of my colors and recommended not to do a a full bleed of color. ALL great suggestions because my final prints turned out incredible. I am so thankful I found them on Yelp!! -Cici C.